Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Christmas Spirit?

The holidays have come and gone. My mood has been black, not green and red. It's a struggle to fight the feeling. Here I am with a life filled with blessings, but the shadows are there, and my spirits sag. So much on this planet is so heart-shatteringly unacceptable that there are times when despair clouds all, grim thunderheads across a clear, blue sky. I gloom and doom over melting icecaps, whole species dying out, war, genocide, torture. Humanity’s unpaid bills mount up and yet our daily lives seem to skim along, heedlessly surfing o’er the turmoil. I take it all very much to heart.

So what possible words of wisdom from this Saloon Singer? Only the ones that bind us all together, words we all know, words that make all this worthwhile: “Peace”, “Love”, “Joy”! For heaven’s sake, Crane! Lighten up! Look for your star. Once more from the ashes, the dream of peace may be rekindled. Once more Peace on Earth, reborn. Change is possible. We will do unto others as we would have them do unto us. That is my dream for us all.
De tout mon coeur, Cynthia

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