Friday, January 13, 2012

"Shoot to kill"

"26-yr old shot once in the chest" That's the news tonight on NBC local TV News as I write. "Once in the chest" and dead. "Shoot to kill" seems to be the rule. You don't hear, "brought down by one shot in the leg". When did they stop training our Police to AIM? Whatever happened to shoot to wound? To stop but not to kill? It wasn't that way in my long past. It was a last resort. Now if you face an armed cop, it's only life or death. I saw it happen myself last summer in Point Lookout. A young man died, bullets in his back as he ran in fear. On family property, running toward a picture postcard seaside, he died. He did do something wrong, but he died because our Police no longer AIM. It makes me truly sad.